image1) Bon-Bon: Uh… No. I don’t care. I mean, it doesn’t mean anything to-

Lyra: Oh my gosh yes! Where are your cups?! I checked like every cabinet! What? There?! Why?! Why would you put them there?! That’s stupid! Next you’re going to tell me you put your bowls in an upper cabinet too! You do?! AGH!

2) My vocal range is somewhere between nails on a chalkboard and the sound of a toilet flushing. Very technical, I know.

If I could sing, my comfort zone would probably fall somewhere between Tricia Brock of former Superchick and Lacey Strum of former Flyleaf.

Example A: Stand in the Rain
Example B: So I Thought

And of course I mean singing the instruments! I do it alone all the time, just usually have sense enough to not do it in public.

3) Um… No? That wouldn’t make any sense. There are a few, sure. But pursuers of feminism are activists. As in, you have to actively be doing something toward the cause.

4) Well, I’m terrible at regular fighting games. But I was halfway decent at Smash. So yeah, I got kinda into it and forgot that the point was to have fun.

Illegal Immigration, as it exists in your world, only makes sense in a case of population diffusion. That is, a location banning new immigrants on the grounds that there’s just too many in a single location. However, as I understand it, the most populated places in your world have no such limitation.

It seems to be a matter of nationalism; a country wanting- and forcing, its citizens to be part of an inescapable collective whole. Done to the detriment of those who are considered “different”.

Of course, Equestria had closed its borders to the griffon nation; making immigration illegal. But this was done to protect itself until the country became stable again; it was never intended to be permanent.

And! The upcoming Equestria Games holds the important distinction of lifting that ban and opening its borders once more to griffon immigrants or visitors!

Why the [Chiquita] does this [major source of potassium] even exist?!

We rode the observation wheel, but then some stallion developed grabby hooves around my Banana Pie Popsicle© and got frog across the face.


Group E [Input Action]

I took twelve damage because I landed on a stick.



Group E [Input Action]

yer going on my nerves… girl…

Hey! I haven’t made fun of your hat yet! How about a little cooperation, teammate?


1) Lyra: Knock-knock.

Bon-Bon: Who’s there?

Lyra: Something funny.

Bon-Bon: Must not be a knock-knock joke then!

[Ba-Dum Tsh]

2) I wish I could believe this, my twenty-two thousand three-hundred thirty-forth AOL-inspired clone. I could use some relaxing morning-time jams.

3) Sure, but that’s just for entering a country, right? Entering and exiting are two very different things.

4) Uh… There’s some posts I’ve made while drunk. They’re not so great… I’m cutting back. It’s an expensive habit anyway.

At my best while drunk, I’ll usually try singing something outside my effective vocal range (which isn’t great to begin with), complete with instruments. Sometimes forgetting to even sing the lyrics because of doing the instruments.

At my worst? Well, imagine a drunk pony struggling to remember the lyrics to a song that’s entirely too confusing to be attempting while smashed. While all the above is still in effect. I can usually nail the chorus, though.

1) It can pretty much be summed up as-

Which I’m allowed to joke about, because I used to be one of those no items/Final Destination pricks. And without even knowing it was a thing!

2) Lyra: Uh…

Bon-Bon: To be clear, you’re the one wearing the suit, right?

3) I’m sure you realize I’m not eating any of that. But I’ll at least take a look at the book.

4) I… I don’t understand. There are places in your world that… don’t?

That doesn’t… That’s like foalnapping an entire country. How can you stop somepony from leaving?

That’s… That’s horrible…


original concept and idea do not steal

I requested it!


original concept and idea do not steal

I requested it!


1) You bet I did! And I think I’ve pinned down why I like the show. The character’s react so real within the setting. I mean, when Pearl got [spoiler], the other Gems had that quiet look of [spoiler]. And their voices were just [spoiler], like when something happens that you can’t even conceive. Steven was so lost at what happened he didn’t even understand when the other Gems said [spoiler]. And Pearl herself was in [spoiler]. You could tell she was in [spoiler], but all she wanted to do was reassure Steven that [spoiler]. They’re just such great characters.

2) No~! Steven! It’s alright! This is nothing like that time you called me mom in front of your little friends. And I want you to know that absolutely no one remembers that either.

3) It’s fine! And yeah. I might look at stuff here and there for general ideas, but the whole thing is elitist min/maxers. Taking what should be an expansive game with all kinds of strategies, and boiling it down to damage damage damage. Going so far as to limit or forbid the use of things that create chance. Because it’s not about having fun; it’s about who’s better.

4) A singer in a smokey roo~m. A smell of wine and cheap perfu~me! For a smile they can share the night- It goes On and o~n and o~n and o~n!

5) It’s pretty nice. It has its flaws, like everything else. But it was by no means a bad game. It’s trivial to completely break the combat, such that even on the highest difficulty you’re nearly unkillable. But provided you don’t level up enchanting or potion making too high you can have a fun, balanced time with it.


this face. this is your faces this is what happened when i said i was horrible but actually was not

u just got PUNKED!!!

Oh sure. Mock somepony for showing general concern. That’s cool. Just watch yourself, my little pony.


1) Thanks! And hold on, let me dust this answer off.

Poof. There you go! In all its terribly drawn majesty!

And as always, favorite song post! Come on everypony; sing along! You know this one!

Just a small town gi~rl! Liven in a lo~nely wo~rld! She took the midnight train goin’ a~ny~whe~re!

2) Bon-Bon: Seems like a semi-popular subject to explore. This one caught my interest because it takes more of a cultural look at the experience. It’s told by several ponies from what they know about title character. I’m a little ways in and we still haven’t heard from anypony that’s actually seen it.

3) Well… If I was told this is where I’d be five years ago I could have believed it. But to just think it up myself? No.

4) Nope.

5) I love hugs! Everypony knows that!

6) Sadly, Bon-Bon seems to be the more adventure equip of us two. Sorry. But you’ve been doing pretty well with rocks. Maybe you can make a helmet out of rocks!

Fillies and Gentlecolts, I give you Bon-Bon.


Group E [Input Action]

NO! Don’t try to kill it! It might have somepony captured!


1) Thanks! Mostly it was just a quiet evening. Which, after the day before’s sprawling play to help Rainbow Dash learn, that’s just fine. Bon-Bon says we’ll do something more for it later.

2) Ugh… Never been so glad my birthday was ogre.

3) Nope. I want a new laptop, but I’m waiting for it to go on sale. So Bon-Bon just gave me some money to help pay for it.

4) Thanks! I mean, it’s probably not technically my birthday anyway. It’s just the day we celebrate it. So really, early/late; it doesn’t matter!

5) Thank you! Sorry about the book! Oh, and while I have you, maybe you should take the bag off before Gunrunner gives you a concussion.


1) Haha! It’s okay! It was just a joke! I really don’t mind at all! I wasn’t even expecting to get so many!

2) Thanks! And I hope your wedding tomorrow goes off without a hitch! I mean, aside from getting hitched.

3) Thanks! And I already addressed the rest of this though PM.

4) Why thank you, pink human!

5) Oh my goodness! The entire state of Michigan just wished me a Happy Birthday! That’s insane!