1) Hmm… You could try pyromancy to supplement without putting any points into intelligence. If you haven’t yet, you’d just need to clear No-Man’s Wharf to gain access to the catalyst for the spells. Not that the boss there is a pushover, but you can have Lucatiel help you.

2) Well, because the game has cooperative elements, it was affecting other players. Several times I’d summon some back up for a boss fight only for them to both be faith builds and they’d drop the boss in seconds; little to no contribution from me. Compare that to no faith builds and it becomes a regular fight that lasts two to three times longer.

I understand your position, and for you playing offline it’s unfortunate that it was one way and then it changed mid game, breaking your build. But as this is meant to be an online game, global balancing is important to maintain the validity of other play-styles, both in PvP and PvE.

3) Well, I’ve only just started. But it’s going great so far! Thanks for asking! Great to hear from you, Star!

4) Yes? You’re clearly wanting me to say yes.

If I was a colt it wouldn’t matter if she was straight or not. We’d have never been roommates.

5) Bon-Bon: Yes.


Blues Noteworthy…

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Alright! A little late this year, but here we are! Four messages this time, including one that will be posted alone.

1) Run. Get out of Canterlot. Never look back.

2) Ordinarily my answer would be along the lines of, “I’d sooner shove his face in dirt.” But since I’m not supposed to deflect…

The thought of Bbz kissing me is… terrifying. Without getting into information I’m pretty sure you don’t care about, I’m… afraid of kissing somepony and them forcing their tongue into my mouth. I have nightmares sometimes… So no. Even if I liked him I’d be too scared.

And just so we’re clear when you see this Bbz, if you ever, ever use this information against me, our friendship is through. Got it?

3) Of course I love Bon-Bon. She’s my best friend. She’s my family.

If you’re asking if we’ve ever been in a romantic relationship, no. If you’re asking if we’ve ever had sex, no.


1) I didn’t, but I looked into it when I got this message! Seems legit! Can’t wait!

2) From what I read, it’s purely a usage nerf. And in truth, it’s a PvE change. Lightning miracles have such a telegraphed animation that dodging them in PvP is trivial, and leaves the caster wide open for retaliation. On the other hoof, the spells do so much more damage than soul arrows or hexes that the number of charges they had were disproportionate to how much they wrecked. That’s the whole reason why faith builds were so popular; it made little work of the majority of the game. That’s not to say what they did was right, though.

If you haven’t yet, before using a soul vessel I’d put a few points into intelligence and try out hexes to supplement the low number of charges you have. If you beat the Dragonrider, than you have access to the hex spell merchant in Huntsman’s Copse.

3) Ah. I understand about the solo thing now. Glad you won though!

Hey! Uh, I have news! I’ve sort of been holding it back because… Well because I’ve been waiting for something to go wrong.

I have a new job!

I work at Ponyville’s train station! I started this week! I sell tickets and give information! It’s not great, but I’m getting money! More money then I’ve gotten in a long time!

Anyway, that’s why I’ve been so busy. So I’m not ready to answer the Tell messages yet. But I should be able to get to them tomorrow! Thanks!

Guess who has a new header?!
Guess who drew it?!
Guess who’s excited?!?!

Guess who has a new header?!

Guess who drew it?!

Guess who’s excited?!?!


1) Oh, yeah. Even when I had a bunch of health and armor on NG I still couldn’t survive that. Probably impossible to survive on NG+.

But if you get and upgrade a tower shield you can mostly tank hits. In PvE there’s only a few attacks that will hit through a shield (provided enough stamina). The only reason I would suggest against bows is the cost of arrows in souls counting toward your soul memory, which can make it harder to summon allies if you try to get a decent level as well.

2) Solo? Are you sure? Half of the fun of the game is summoning people to help! Plus there’s specific story threads you can’t advance unless you summon NPC allies in a few fights (and they live).

I could never get that Dragonrider trick to work. But it’s not a hard fight. Just circle-strafe to stay next to/behind him and there’s only one attack he can do to hit you.

1) Yes? No? I don’t know? He really hung out more with Gilda. I was sort of a third wheel.

2) One of the first, yes sir. And while this anniversary crept up on me, it definitely doesn’t feel like only yesterday when it all started. But thank you! There are a lot of tumblrs I miss.

3) Yes. Like that. Also I’m positive somepony else already did that joke, but I can’t find the post.

The answer is chamomile.


Anypony remember this? Well I figured I’d do it again!

I’m going to directly answer a question I usually wouldn’t. Think of it like an honesty hour/TMI type-thing (which I intentionally don’t do).

BUT! Here’s the stipulations.

- I’m only answering one.

- I’m choosing which one. And-

- It can’t be anonymous. You have to have a blog with at least a month old message, or present proof that the blog has been around for at least a month (which isn’t hard. If you have no posts just submit a link that leads to a question you’ve asked somepony at least a month ago; doesn’t matter which tumblr it was sent to).

Don’t waste your time spamming my inbox with the same question over and over again because it’s not going to matter. If I find a better question, or one I’m more comfortable answering, that’s the one I’m picking.

If you want your message to be in the running, place a “Tell:" tag before the message (without quotation marks). For example:

  • Tell: What do your eyes smell like?

I’ll reply to the message on July 22nd. To make sure your message counts, send it in before 6 A.M. EST of July 22nd. That’s A.M., morning of the day itself. It might count after that if I haven’t done the winning message yet, but I can’t guarantee it.

Every year I wind up answering all the questions that were asked, so the only choosing one thing is more of a disclaimer. I’ll answer at least one.

1) Thank you! Those were great!

In particular I’d never heard The District Sleeps Alone Tonight, and it was great!

2) Sure. You don’t need this much time, but I’m gonna be kind of busy for a few days (I’ll explain later, it’s kinda late). So I’ll post the answer on the twenty-second. You have a week. I’ll reblog the rules after this.

3) Yes I did! He was nice! Why, did you know him?


2 Years here. Whoa. Happy blogoversary Lyra, everyone who’s still around too.

((And a couple of months with marty, not sure if they add up to 3. As a note, Scootaloo is 15 in blog canon now. and dang if psiid just made me nostalgic as fudge with his last ask.))

Wow. Thanks Scoots!



1) Super fighting robot. Mega Mare!

2) I’d reblog your flawless nails gif in retaliation, but I can’t find it.

3) Oh! I just started NG+ on that today! It’s pretty fun! And you’d do well as a faith character. The lightning spells are really powerful.

4) I don’t normally care who of what race is cast for what, but i don’t like this at all. The whole point of the “ninja” part of the ninja turtles, is their training. Why were they trained that way? Because Splinter’s master, who Shredder murdered in retaliation for his brother’s murder, was an authentic ninja master! And Shredder was a deadly ninja assassin! Outside of the constant link with mutagen, these were the only characters with past connections! The race of the characters were built into the characters! Splinter’s master fled to America, for pony’s sake!

So who the crap is this white guy named Eric Sachs, and why should anypony care when the real story was so interesting to begin with?

5) Well that’s not hard. They don’t want to hurt anypony’s feelings. The important thing to remember is that it’s your life and your account. You wouldn’t stay in a relationship that wasn’t working out, so don’t keep following somepony if you don’t want to anymore.

6) >:[

Also I just realized I missed my tumblrversary this year.

Now I’m sad.


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