1) There were about a hundred different ways I could have replied to this. But, while trying to decide which one, I realized that… you’re sort of right? Which is more than a little depressing.

2) Bon-Bon: No! No coffee! Water!

3) Bon-Bon: No! No excuses! No massages! Water!

Lyra: What about hugs and candy?

Bon-Bon: We’ll talk.

4) It happened once about a week ago, but other than that I hadn’t had a cramp like that since I was little. I was kind of malnourished back then.

But no, it was just in my leg.


Piggington believes that dogs and pigs are of equal intelligence.

Huh, well that’s very big of you!


1) Answering asks. Also listening to a song.

2) You definitely would be.

3) That’s cheating! You’ve been cheating for years! Dirty little lawbreaker! Dirty little lawbreaker!

4) I don’t know what you’re talking about. That wasn’t in reference to a Sega game that actually had some interesting concepts but was poorly executed on all fronts.

5) Lyra: In all seriousness, developers aren’t perfect. Sometimes there isn’t an effective counter, or if there is it’s too specialized. Going back to Pokemon, that was the whole reason for the massive changes from Gen 1 to Gen 2. Psychic was broken as all get-out and there was no effective counter.

Lyra: But yeah! Hug a dragon! Hug a swearing dragon!

Bon-Bon: Not lately. Maybe you should remind me.

6) Interesting song. More popular song, but not as interesting.

7) Well, it was quite some time ago.

8) I know what you were referencing, I’m just not sure why given the context.

9) Thanks! It was a tough pose but I pulled it off!

Bon-Bon: I warned you about this. I’ve been warning you about this for years, but especially here lately.

Lyra: Just shut up and help me into bed!

Bon-Bon: Too much soda. Too much wine. Too much salt. And here lately way too much soda. You need water, Lyra!

Lyra: It hurts so much. I haven’t had a cramp like this since I was a foal.

Bon-Bon: Probably for the same reason then as now. If you need to drink a soda at work to stay awake, with your haywire schedule, I understand. But you have to cut back somewhere!

Lyra: I know. Just… help me into bed. I need to rest. I really don’t want to have to cancel work tomorrow.

 - Daft Mouth
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It’s a cool place, and they say it gets harder

You’re bundled up now, wait ‘til you get better

This is awesome.


I suppose I should be happy her highness hasn’t tasked the entire guard to go out and pick posies for her… yet.

How do these things happen?!


1) 19/2000? 3’s and 7’s? 25 or 6 to 4?

2) I played the first two- that is Katamari Damacy and We Love Katamari. Fantastic game. And I own both soundtracks! Everlasting Love is my favorite! But that’s probably because Lonely Rolling Star was my favorite from the first game. But really EVERY SONG is FANTASTIC (Cherry Tree Time’s possibly excluded)! Of course, I can only speak for the first two games because that’s all I’ve played and all I’ve heard. And of the two, the original’s soundtrack tends to be the strongest overall.

As for The Prince regarding our previous subject, I’ve been saying he should be playable in the next Smash Bros. since Katamari Damacy first came out (between Melee and Brawl). His size and quirky nature would make him a unique addition! Plus, the cousins would function perfectly as alternate color schemes! Kinoko's my favorite.

3) Nope. Holiday’s excluded, you gotta pick one per visit.

4) Forever disappointed Grave Digger wasn’t mentioned. They’ve been around for over thirty years, released sixteen studio albums, and they’re still going! Their latest album (which I haven’t heard yet) came out just last month!

Still, a fantastic walk through the various genres- and of course I was interested! I love metal!

Favorite song check! Have I really never listed Excalibur? This song in particular, aside from being from my favorite band, holds the distinction of having my favorite solo!



1) Even if I started this tumblr obsessed with hands, don’t you think messages like this would have gotten old after THREE YEARS?!

2) I already did that. You can find it here!

3) Hmm. That would have been interesting!

4) Those dragons are a joke. All you have to do is get in their face and walk around their aimless stomping. But yeah, when I first ran into them they burned me up too. Literally.

I think Demon of Song was my favorite.

5) Shaq is banned from tournaments.

6) In truth, it was awful. Worst shift I’ve ever done. But that’s past Lyra’s problem now.

7) Well, I need the money. And I don’t hate the job.

8) Uh huh. Not sure I’m following your current train-of-thought, but okay.


More like an 11/10

I gotta remember that one. That’s a good one.

1) I’ve had to wait considerable amounts of time too, but never consistently.

Eh. I’ve heard worse.

2) I love lasagna! You’re pretty cool too, though.

3) Haha-! You’ll pay for your own drink or use a water fountain.

I know. But I guess I should look more into it. I mean, I can’t look like but so much of a dork playing Warframe. I’m pretty good at that one (mostly because it’s not hard).

4) I don’t like horror games, but it seems… like something. Like the kind of thing that you can’t take seriously, but would still probably scare the pee out of you.

We don’t have animatronics, so…

5) Lyra: Strawberry, do you come over to see me or the help?

Bon-Bon: Hey!

Tootsie: Hey! … I don’t get it.




legit leak boys!!

No it can’t be……
Where’s the dog from CoD Ghosts?

I knew Shrek and Missile were going to be part of this 

Demi-Fiend is a nice touch, but where’s The Prince Of All Cosmos?




legit leak boys!!

No it can’t be……

Where’s the dog from CoD Ghosts?

I knew Shrek and Missile were going to be part of this 


Demi-Fiend is a nice touch, but where’s The Prince Of All Cosmos?

1) Which is strange. I only saw it once. It looked kind of out of place, though. Like if you stuck one of those overly detailed pictures into real life.

2) Now that I think about it, I think you actually said that to me and I was all “What the [omitted]? That was drawn by a child!”

3) No I’m not. See? I just got two!


And as an added bonus!

You sure are, Bbz.


1) Ouch… That’s a long time to have to wait consistently. And if I ever need to carry a bunch of stuff, we have a wagon.

I had the first one for over a year, the second one for close to a year, and then the patch for only a month or two. Oh! Did you know asksirlintalot messaged me after I switched to the patch he drew and asked if I wanted a custom one on a larger resolution? I was so taken back! I wanted to say yes, but I already had planned to switch to the fourth one (I had already seen the sketch), so I declined.

2) Yeah, I know I’m not supposed to [omitted] swear. We had a Celestia [omitted] swear jar briefly, but I threw that mother [omitted] piece of [omitted] out the Celestia [omitted] window after the first five [omitted] minutes. Because [omitted] that [omitted] in the [omitted] [omitted]. [Omitted] it up and down and on its face!

Oh, and this just makes me think of this.

3) Tootsie: She’s so cool! She’s smart! And a princess! And she fired a huge laser! It was all Bzz-Oooom! She saved everypony with her friends! And that’s why she lives in a castle now!

4) Uh… If you say so buddy.

image1) Everything is possible! I mean, Marty McFly came here once. And your world has 3d printers! Surely you can find a way!

No whining, Mr. Bbz.

2) Pretty sure Tootsie never looked up to me to begin with.

3) Pfft. Like she’d ever bother checking this thing.

4) I am! Hell is a widely accepted mythological location! Just like Hel is both a location and an individual.

5) Clever stud.

I didn’t strike a nerve at some point, did I?